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A new year, a new site.

Hi guys!

I am sure some of you have found the new site through Facebook or e-mail. Maybe, you just found our site through a search engine and happened upon our blog. Either way, We are glad you are here. We love travel, but more than that we love helping people plan awesome trips. This blog is all about travel. For those of you that followed our old blog, thanks for checking out the new one. This website has a ton of tools to help us serve our travelers even better. Feel free to stop by to see what we're up to or talking about. If you have something you'd like to hear about or discuss, we welcome your comments.

Happy reading!


We are travel agents located in Wichita, Ks and serving a nationwide base of clients, their friends and families. From a weekend out of town to a worldwide adventure. We are here to help.

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