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Meet Our Travel Team

Our team has a variety of experiences, specialties and passion in a variety of travel interests. From Disney Destination Geniuses to Certified Romance Specialists we have an awesome team member than can handle your request. From the Caribbean to Croatia, our team has the knowledge and the best connections to make your travel experience a homerun.


Angie Enegren,

Travel Planner

Angie is an amazing and compassionate travel planner who uses her strong faith to help guide newlyweds and families alike experience travel in a way that brings them closer to each other and create impactful and lasting experiences. 


Becca Dill, 

Owner and Travel Planner

Becca has been dubbed the original "Travel Ninja" by a client and the nickname has stuck. As our most experienced travel expert she has help set the foundation of our company and develop some amazing team members. She has also booked hundreds if not thousands of travelers over her twenty years in the travel industry.


Lori Stone, 

Romance Travel Specialist

Lori is an amazing, well rounded travel expert that can plan a trip just about anywhere you'd like to go with an impressive portfolio of certifications and destination knowledge. Her favorite trips to work on are honeymoons, anniversaries and destination weddings. As a double certified Romance Specialist, helping couples plan for an experience to encourage the fire within to grow even brighter brings her genuine enjoyment in her work.


Sheri Edgerle,

Travel Planner

Sheri is a Superhero by day as an educator. When she isn't molding young minds, she loves to dive into the planning process side by side with her clients. She jumps at the opportunity to learn about a new place, and really enjoys working with travelers that may like a little more of the off the beaten path, active, travel itinerary. 


Jay Dill, 

Owner and Travel Planner

Jay and Becca run the agency in tandem. Jay has his fair share of travel clientele and is always down to talk to you about his current favorite beach. In addition, his roles involve bringing the company to the community. He spends time supporting charities and other local business we develop relationships with, working with corporate incentive trips, marketing, finance, trip certificates, and a host of behind the scenes responsibilities to keep the company moving and a groovin.


Chris and Cindy Poulson,

Travel Planning Team

Chris and Cindy make a powerhouse team. Both recently retired, they have been taking all of the bucket list trips over the last few years like traveling throughout Europe, taking an African Safari and most recently a European River cruise. This dynamic duo keeps each other on their toes and on top of their clients. They often have a few trips a year where you can travel with the couple on an escorted trip, or if you are looking to plan on your own, they are ready to help you make the most of it as well.

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