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Here you will find a professional and client-minded approach to planning your next trip. 



Our focus is you. Plain and simple. It’s your trip, your budget, and your memories. 



We have been in the travel and tourism industry since 2000. The Travel Junkie was started in 2009 when we saw an opportunity to provide a source of clear and customer focused advice to help our clients navigate the sea of online reviews and conflicting information. We provide excellent customer service, advice, and support and we do it for the best values on the planet. Our partners allow us the same or better pricing than what you may find on your own including many vendors that do not work directly with the public. 



As your travel agents in Wichita, our team is here to help you determine what you really want out of your next trip. We are the #1 travel agency in Wichita and we continue to find new ways to service our clients even better. We will show you the options that best fit your needs for your travel budget and help you weed out all of the information to help you know what exactly you are getting. 



Our price assurance policy means you can feel confident that not only will you receive professional travel advice and customer service at every step of the process, but also the hands down the best price. We are tenacious in our search for the best values for our clients. From Wichita and surrounding areas to New England all the way to The Gold Coast we are here to service our clients, their friends and family and maximize their hard-earned vacation dollars. Should you find your same travel package is at a lower price anywhere prior to booking, we will match or beat it, no forms, no debate. As long as it is an apples to apples comparison, just give us a call and we can take care of it on the spot.



As travel agents, we are compensated for our time by the places you want to go. The resorts, hotels, airlines, rental car companies, tour operators, and cruise lines understand the value of using a professional travel agent and are willing to give a portion of the fare they charge you, back to us. Keep in mind; this is the same rock bottom, best rate, not a penny higher. This ensures when you arrive at their door, you are informed and happy with your decision and ready to enjoy yourself. It is just good business to have happy customers.

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Here is our promise.

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