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Travel Certificates and Awards

Congratulations on your travel certificate. We try to keep our certificates super flexible, but there are a few restrictions. 

Your certificate is almost like cash. It can be used to go anywhere, any time, and do almost anything.

We have two types of certificates. A cash value certificate has the value denoted on your certificate. This amount is its maximum value.


A trip award certificate has an value based on the average cost of the trip indicated. It also has a maximum value which may or may not cover the entire cost of the trip depending on the specifics of the winner's availability and preferences. This certificate also states it's maximum value. We try to provide certificates that can reasonably provide the trip awarded, it is difficult to know when the recipient will be able to use the certificate.


In both cases, the following rules and restrictions apply:


Travel certificates can be redeemed for any packaged vacation. A packaged vacation includes multiple travel elements such as airfare, lodging, transportation or activities and excursions. We do not book airline tickets only. We also can not apply the voucher to personal property contracts such as Airbnb or VRBO. Because these companies facilitate an agreement between the owner of a property and a traveler, there is no ability for our agency to assist in any disputes or unsatisfactory experiences. Due to our inability to help our travelers, we do not book through these companies. We do have many similar apartments, villas, lodges and homes depending on what type of trip is being planned. We have a great team with tons of specialties and can plan anything you can dream up with us. 

The certificate must be redeemed for travel. Any unused portion of the maximum value is forfeit. There is no cash refund on any unused portion. 

You can plan within the limits of the certificate or you may chose to extend your stay, add passengers or travel over peak dates. Since the value of the certificate does not change you may maximize its benefit and any additional cost above the maximum value would be at the travelers expense. 

The certificate expires one year from the date of issue on the front of the certificate. Travel must be planned and booked within the first year, however the dates of travel can be beyond the one year expiration date. 

Our services are always available to you at no charge. We are happy to speak with you and help you determine how to best maximize this certificate based on your unique personality and tastes. 

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Image by Mohamed Ajufaan
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